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A Nation of stolen children


What is currently happening at the southern border is nothing new, indeed it is American history repeating itself. Americans are descendants of stolen children.

This is the result of our desire to whitewash America and everyone in it. It is the consequence of mass denial. Understandably. Denial is far easier than owning the barbaric brutality God-loving christians imposed on other human beings.

Slave mothers were helpless as their children were stolen away for profit, punishment and control. Still, after all they’d endured and separation over decades, Mothers searched for their children and adult children looked for their mothers.
Credit: Washington Post

  In 1886, Nancy Jones placed an ad seeking her son, Allen, in an ad in 
The Christian Recorder of Philadelphia.  She’d had no contact with him 
for 33 years.  Courtesy of Last Seen

So separating children from their families is not new.

Separations still happen today as thousands of Black children are committed to child services.

According to federal statistics, Black children in the child welfare system are placed in foster care at twice the rate for white children….
”African American children, are more likely to be in foster care placement than receive in-home services, even when they have the same problems and characteristics as white children". Most white children who enter the system are permitted to stay with their families….while most Black children are taken away from theirs….”
Separations still happen today as thousands of Black children are confined in the criminal justice systems.
Juvenile African Americans are incarcerated in state prisons at a rate that is 5.1 times the imprisonment of whites. In five states (Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Vermont, and Wisconsin), the disparity is more than 10 to 1.
This happens despite the FBI data declaration of Arrests, by Race and Ethnicity, 2015
  • Of all juveniles arrested in 2015, 62.9 percent were White, 33.9 percent were Black or African American 
  • Black or African American juveniles comprised 64.3 percent of all juveniles arrested for violent crimes i.e. murder/manslaughter and robbery. 
  • White juveniles accounted for 66.4 percent of all juveniles arrested for rape. 
  • White juveniles accounted for 59.1 percent of all juveniles arrested for property crimes. 
  • Of juveniles arrested for drug abuse violations, 75.0 percent were White. 
  • White juveniles comprised 55.7 percent of juveniles arrested for aggravated assault and 60.5 percent of juveniles arrested for larceny-theft. 
Separations still happen to Black children today because of corruption and racism.
Judge who accepted private-prison bribes to send Black kids to jail …
In response to health epidemics (cholera, tuberculosis and influenza), wars, the influx of immigrants and poor economic times, between 1830 and 1850, states often removed children from poor families and placed them in orphanages.

Orphanages were seen as a place to teach the Children of disenfranchised population American values. Children were not always returned to their families, but were "indentured", adopted or sent to areas of the country where manual labor was needed.

America has always stolen children.

In the 1880s under the U.S. government policy of forced assimilation, Native American children as young as 5 years old were forcibly removed from their homes and taken to boarding schools hundreds of miles away. They were told they must abandon their way of life because it was inferior to white people’s.

Stripped of their culture, they were given new Anglo-American names, clothes, and haircuts. They were not allowed to speak their native tongue.

Credit: Charles Fox/The Philadelphia Inquirer/AP Photo)

Hundreds of children died in these brutal institutions which lasted for nearly a century. Still, the history of this forced assimilation is far from settled. On August 7, 2017, the U.S. Army began exhuming the graves of three children, Little Chief, Horse, and Little Plume who died at the Carlisle School in the 1880s. Nearly 200 children are buried there.


During the 1930s about 1.8 million Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans who could not produce proper documentation were ordered onto previously chartered trains and taken deep into Mexico.  Of that number, about 60 percent were U.S. citizens. 

The deportations took place at the height of the Great Depression, after President Herbert Hoover  announced a national program called “American jobs for real Americans”.  Mexicans were blamed for the bad economy, overwhelming welfare offices and draining charities meant for the needy.

The belied was that Mexican deportations would create more jobs.  So laws were passed forbidding government employment of anyone of Mexican descent, including legal permanent residents and U.S. citizens. Major companies, including Ford, U.S. Steel and the Southern Pacific Railroad, colluded with the government by laying off thousands.

 World War II brought jobs back,  so the scapegoating of Mexicans eased.  That is until

1954, when President Dwight Eisenhower launched “Operation Wetback”, an initiative to remove thousands of undocumented Mexican nationals.

Immigrants were swept up in raids and deported without due process, often leaving their family to guess about their whereabouts.  Human rights were violated and people were removed to distant locations without food and water. Sometimes even U.S. citizens were removed and hundreds of families were torn apart. 

Separation of Native American children from their parents continues today.

In 2015,  a federal court ruled that the state of South Dakota has routinely violated federal law by taking Native American children from their families and tribes. 

According to  Indian Child Welfare , 740 Lakota children are removed to foster care each year without any notification to the child's relatives.  Over the past decade over 5,000 Sioux children have been removed from their homes.   80 - 90 percent of the children are placed in white homes and institutions.

South Dakota receives $79,000 from the federal government each year per child for every Native youngster it removes.

So you see, separating children from their families is nothing new in America.  And it isn’t the first time America has been so indifferent to immigrants crossing the southern border.

This is America.  Home of child trafficker Georgia Tann,  the New Jersey Butterbox babies and white supremacy.

Movie stars including Joan Crawford (left) and June Allyson 
adopted kidsfrom the society. Credit:  New York Post 

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