Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Did Trump really win? We’ll never really know.

Donald Trump as a presidential candidateTrump was at yet another rally when he announced that he was on his way to Michigan.  

Nothing about what he said struck me as bizarre, but someone asked, “who is he talking to?”  Someone else said, “I was wondering the same thing.”  

They made no sense to me, but later I would reflect on what they’d said when Trump continued to announce an endorsement, or staged a rally and his candidate eked out a win; just as he had eked out one.  After all, we don’t question close races….no recount, no reconciliation.  If someone could change votes, would we know?  Would they? Would they tell us?

I believe his tweets and maniacal rantings are clues that let us know where his head is.  Lately, he has been ranting about a little known senior justice department lawyer named Bruce Ohr.  Prior to his mention, the public had never heard the name, but I predict in due time we will.  And we will most probably learn that Mr. Ohr has information or a connection that Trump feels is threatening.  

I'm not one who believes his tweets and rants are just hallow protestations, but announcements or directives to whomever is monkeying with our elections?  I think the authorities know what happened: I think thy know when and where,  they just don't know who helped to make it happen.  So
would they tell us?

I don’t think so.  Look how long it took them to tell us how many voting machines had been hacked.  At first it was 2 or 3, much later more than 20.  According to them, the hackers didn’t do anything but look around.  Really?  They say the hackers didn’t alter any votes, but would they know?  Who can say a vote for Hillary didn’t register as a vote for Trump?

Anyone who has ever sent a text has experienced how words are automatically changed, misspelled or altered, and often without being noticed.  Why couldn’t a voting machine be programed in the same way…to change every one thousandth vote? It could and I’m certain they wouldn’t tell us if it did.

Imagine the chaos.  What would we do?  That would be the mother of a Constitutional crisis.  

Maybe that’s why Republicans are against paper ballots.  Maybe that’s why they voted against measures to secure voting systems.  A flawed system works to their advantage.  So we’ve got strict voter’s identification, voter machine shortages, voter suppression, purging, caging, and gerrymandering.  Add to that …hacking.  That’s how we conduct a democratic election.

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