Monday, September 17, 2018

Republican Men Hate Their Mothers

Republicans legislate to cure perceived societal ills. And just like mission-oriented serial killers, they typically justify their disenfranchising acts as a way to address America’s so-called social failings and a way to rid America of a certain type of person perceived as undesirable…. homosexuals, prostitutes, or people of a different ethnicity or religion.   In an odd twist of fate, the laws all victimize women...the mothers of mankind. 
Since the days of Adam and Eve, female sexuality has caused some men to lose self-control so that they cease to be responsible for their actions - or so goes the accepted wisdom. And some Republican men clearly fear women's sexual power and even feel justified in blaming them for acts of male sexual violence. 

I’m reminded of a case in the early 80’s where a Wisconsin judge sentenced the rapist of a 5 year-old to only three months in prison because, according to the judge, his five-year-old victim was, 
“an unusually sexually promiscuous young lady”. The judge added, "I do not put blame on the child exactly, but I do believe she was the aggressor". 
Such sentiment might explain why Republicans would seek to redefine “rape”? 

Remember when Republicans introduced legislation stating that 
“Pregnancies resulting from statutory rape, in women who were raped while drugged or extremely intoxicated, in mentally incapable women, or in many of the victims of date rape would not be considered “forcible rape?”
Senator Charles”throw grandma off the train” Grassley is against protections from domestic abuse for LGBT individuals and undocumented immigrants. He also opposes Native American tribes having the right to prosecute crimes. According to him, Native Americans should not have the right to prosecute White men, not even for murder. 
Just so you know, according to government statistics, one in three Native American women will be raped in her lifetime. That figure is 2.5 times higher than the rate for non-Native women in the United States. A ridiculous statistic when one considers that in the US one woman is raped every three minutes, one wife battered every 18 seconds; more than three women are, on average, murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day. 
Still Republicans insist their sick obsession with female sexuality is not about women at all, but an intent to curb the abortion rate and protect the unborn. They need them to live so they can cut the subsidies that feed, educate, house and keep them healthy. Two million children go to bed hungry every night and just as many are homeless, because Republicans are so concerned about their welfare.
Why do Republican men express such hatred of women? Womb-envy? Clearly, I don’t really know. But I’m convinced that a man who has so little regard for women could neither love nor respect his mother. Come to think about it, these Republicans hate Mother Nature too.  It wouldn’t surprise me to learn they also have disregard for Mother Hubbard, Mother Goose and Mother Superior.

Republicans remind me of the man who said, 
“It’s not that I dislike women, I just wish they all weren’t such whores”.  

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